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Differences Between IT Support and Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT is becoming more common in business today. If your business needs technology support, it may be time to hire IT support services. But what exactly are they, what do they provide, and how do they differ from normal IT support?

IT support services or managed IT, is a third party service which provides infrastructure, software, and other technological support to companies. You may also hear this kind of business referred to as an MSP, which stands for managed service provider. What makes an MSP different from a normal IT provider is the nature of their relationship with the client company. Generally, the client company doesn’t own the technology or the server that the IT support services company uses. Instead, they provide both technology and personnel to perform the tasks needed. The MSP then takes over the responsibility of keeping the technology updated, training staff, and handling any technical difficulties that may occur.

The concept of an IT support service provider goes back many years but it wasn’t until recently that companies were able to outsource their needs to an external provider. In the past, companies had to hire an in-house IT team and pay for their IT support services. However, the cost was prohibitive and companies weren’t able to make the cuts that would allow them to properly manage their IT needs. Another disadvantage of hiring IT help was the lack of training opportunities for the employees who would be performing the task. There weren’t any support tools or guides available to IT support specialists to help them troubleshoot problems.

What You Need To Know About IT Management

With the introduction of IT support management, companies can now outsource their IT needs to third party service providers. These service providers typically offer managed service provider pricing models. Some service providers charge a flat monthly fee and some will charge based on the number of hours they’ve performed IT support for your organization. These flexible payment models make IT managed service provider pricing models more appealing to companies who cannot afford to pay the high cost of in-house IT staff.

An IT managed service provider offers: — Data Analytics – As previously mentioned, IT support service providers usually offer both in-house and managed service to businesses who need this service. Many of these organizations find it easier to monitor the usage of their data, especially with the growing use of data analytics. Companies that use sophisticated analytics software programs may find it more difficult to monitor their own use of the software programs. By outsourcing to a third party company, it becomes easier for the company to monitor and control their own usage of their data analytics software programs.

— Network Administration – If your organization utilizes computer network hardware, it’s imperative that you maintain your hardware yourself. Most third party IT support providers offer in-house or managed service providers who will coordinate with you when it comes to network management. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to try to maintain your own network after you’ve outsourced it to another company. The coordination can be less complicated if you’re using a managed service provider instead.

The Importance Of Cybersecurity In The Industry

— Cybersecurity Testing – The cyberspace is rapidly expanding and there are many companies out there that aren’t just protecting themselves from external threats, but intrusions from within. An in-house IT department can be expensive. Many companies are looking to protect themselves from internal threats by outsourcing their cyber testing needs. There is plenty of variety in the type of testing that’s performed. Some companies do simple risk analysis and network security audits on existing networks while others perform penetration tests on new and upcoming technologies.

  • It can be very expensive to keep an eye on the software programs running in your company’s computer network security. IT support services can provide your company with an affordable, flexible way to stay on top of the latest threats and stay a step ahead in cyber security.
  • By working with a managed service provider, your company will be able to concentrate on improving the overall security posture of your network instead of having to worry about patches, updates, malware protection and the other issues that come along with maintaining your own in-house network security.
  • You can save money and time by using an outsourced professional to provide the level of network security you need for your business.
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